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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dear friends,

Here I am working away. I'm at St. Bridget Church today (in Mesa, AZ) trying to get things ready for the children who are in our Youth Choir. They are from 2nd to 6th grade and I have about 22 of them. They are terrific kids and sing with a lovely disposition. This is a unique year because I have a lot of newcomers who are in 2nd grade. The reading factor keeps us a little more in check. We are all looking forward to Christmas.

Today is also the Christmas Play for Queen of Peace School, our neighboring parish.

I am the music teacher there. I teach Pre-K to 8th grade. Since St. Bridget does not have a school, my children go to Queen of Peace for school. We love it there too.

I will be playing music for the whole student body tonight and we will be singing many Advent pieces plus a Christmas Medley that will delight everyone.

I want everyone to know that my great friend Kim Lemieux and I are starting this website with you in mind and we want to make things easy for you to get Jaime Cortez merchandise from CD's to song books and in the near future, T-shirts and hats too!

Once in a while we will try to give you some surprises such as an mp3 of something original or a little video here and there. Plus, this will be the place to get the latest information on Jaime Cortez concerts, workshops and recordings. Stay tuned and we'll keep things interesting.

I also want you to know that I'm working on a new recording with OCP. So far the focus is Advent. The music will be slightly different than what you are used to hearing from me. I hope you are pleased with it. We are all feeling good about the preparations for this recording. I will be recording with a wonderful artist from Cleveland: Andy Andino who fronts the well know band Who Do You Say I Am.

He is someone who I admire very much and I think he will add wonderful touches to my music. Andy and I look forward to showing you the new material. Stay tuned and we will give you updates on the songs.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. This is the season to heal, forgive, love, hug, sing, share, grow, let go, illuminate, kiss and remember that God is with us!

Hold on to your loved ones, share what you have and sing those carols. Thank you for your support and for your kindness. I love writing and playing music for you. I will write again after the Christmas masses (all 7 of them!).


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