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Bilingual Songs for the Sacraments

Inculturation and Music

Musical suggestions that can help unify the Hispanic and English-speaking cultures. Explains how to set goals for a community that is working to bridge the gap between the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking members of the parish. The proper bilingual song can make a big difference. Repertoire session included.

Instruments in Liturgy

Tips on how to use available instruments in a manner that is beautiful yet prayful. Suggestions are included to help your pastoral musicians execute certain types of music. Ideas on how to bring out the best from your musicians.

Liturgy and Music: Achieving Balance

This workshop suggests ways to apply music to a specific liturgical moment or a liturgical season. Other areas explored: shaping some traditions in your parish music, using music to highlight important moments in the liturgy and making ritual moments simple, yet effective, through appropriate music selections.

Music in the Catholic Schools

Music can be used to shape the faith of young students in the classroom and in school liturgies. This workshop will focus on how to use music to teach our children about our faith and will also give teachers some tools to develop a sharp, efficient and faith-filled music program for the Catholic School.

The Basics Of Our Music Ministry

Pastoral musicians need to be proficient in one or more instruments,as well as arranging and other various skills. They also must have a good understanding of the Mass as a spiritual celebration of community. In this workshop, ideas are presented about how musicians can improve rehearsals and music planning for liturgies. Jaime will share insights on the pastoral music ministry and on serving the community.